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I’m Mat

I know how hard it is to plan a wedding, because 3 short years ago, my wife Jenny and I were busy planning and counting down the days until our own wedding day. We were married in an old firehouse on the North Side of Chicago, the city where she and I first met.

Jenny and I wanted to plan a wedding as memorable and unique as we are. We needed the real deal. A day (and a photographer) that captured all our quirks—from how much my wife loves Beyoncé to how much our friends and family love the dance floor.

I know you can’t control the things like how many times your parents will burst into tears (Spoiler alert: it’s a lot.) But there’s one thing you can control—making sure you have the right team to help make everything else comfortable and stress-free.

And I’m here to be your teammate.

I’ve been a photographer for over 8 years. Between that and planning my own wedding I learned a key lesson:

Each and every piece of your wedding is important, but the perfect images let you take your big day home and relive it again and again. They’re something to show your future kids and grandkids: This is a family that started with two soulmates and a *whole lot of magic.*

Let me capture those irreplaceable moments that bring that magic to life. No fake laughing photos you could find as a placeholder in a Target picture frame. I'll capture your beautiful love just as you are, and to send you home with the the most meaningful heirloom I could ever hope to give you—

An incredible record of the absolute best day of your lives.


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My background in creative direction is what led me to my career in photography. I'm still a sucker for good, functional design and it shows in my work.

I may be a Colorado wedding photographer, but my roots are in the Midwest. (I grew up in rural Indiana, went to college at Purdue, and lived in Chicago for 8 years.) But life in Colorado has truly stolen my heart. One of my favorite things to do when I'm not turning our home into a jungle by adding yet another plant to my collection is watching the sun rise on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park.

My little family, which includes my wife, Jenny, and our two silly, rambunctious cats, Jack and Mabel, have loved turning Denver into our home.

These Are the

Moments You'll Relive Over & Over Again

You deserve the absolute best for your wedding photography. That's why I invest my whole heart in each of my couples, getting to know you and your values long before the big day so I can reflect the authenticity of your love in your images.

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