September 23, 2022

Alex and Anna | Romantic Colorado Wedding | The St Vrain

Alex and Anna had a beautiful, romantic Colorado wedding at The St Vrain, in Longmont.  The St Vrain is one of my very favorite wedding venues in Colorado, with charming, exposed brick walls, wood ceiling trusses, and chandeliers sparkling overhead. The building in which The St Vrain is located was originally built in 1918 and was one of the earliest auto dealerships in the Rocky Mountain region. Other than the beauty of The St Vrain, Alex and Anna loved that their wedding venue had a close personal connection, too—it’s owned by the parents of Anna’s good friend Maddie, who designed Anna’s wedding dress. 

Maddie did an incredible job with Anna’s dress. It was completely custom and was simple, off the shoulder, satin and had a removable skirt. Maddie even helped Anna put on her wedding dress and remove the skirt in time for the reception. It was such a special part of their day not only to have Anna’s close friend design the dress of her dreams, but that she got to make her friend feel so beautiful on her wedding day.

After Anna got her hair and makeup done, we photographed Anna and Maddie and the gorgeous wedding dress Before Anna had first looks with Alex, each of her parents, and her bridesmaids. Later in the reception, Maddie helping Anna put her dress on and helping her remove the skirt, which left Anna wearing a simple midi length with white dress with sneakers for the reception. This was a surprise feature of the dress, and their guests just loved it!

Since the wedding was in September, there was still plenty of beautiful greenery and flowers all around. We went to a nearby garden, where we captured a few portraits with just the couple.

Everybody later celebrated in the reception together sharing speeches, drinks, food, dancing and some delicious cake. To end the night Alex and Anna had a sparkler exit, which always look great at The St Vrain!

Congratulations Alex and Anna!

grey cards laid on a white cloth with wedding rings, shoes and purse
white flower bouquet lying on a green couch
place setting
wedding rings
dress hung on hangers
woman getting her hair done
women hugging
women holding up long skirt
woman dancing on stairs
woman getting ready in front of mirror
woman looking at bride with her dress on
men laughing
two women fixing another woman's veil
women helping woman with her dress
women hugging each other
men getting dressed
men getting ready for wedding
woman coming in room where a woman is standing smiling at her
women holding each other
woman peeking in a room where another woman is holding her phone up and smiling
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woman looking at woman's shoes
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man smiling looking at woman
man holding woman's hands while smiling at her
woman smiling at man
women looking surprised and happy
women looking surprised and happy as bride shows them her dress
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man putting on jacket
man helping man with boutonniere
man sitting on green couch
woman standing behind man
man smiling at woman
man and woman kissing
man hugging woman and smiling
men walking down the aisle
man walking woman down the aisle
woman and father walking towards altar
man hugging woman
men smiling
mansmiling at woman while she reads her vows
woman smiling at man while he reads his vows
man smiling at woman
man and woman kissing at the altar
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man hugging woman from behind
man smiling at woman
man holding woman's hand
woman holding man
man and woman kissing
gif of anna's dress being detached
woman helping bride with her dress
woman helping bride with her dress
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women hugging and smiling
people walking in a group with bouquets in their hands
man and woman smiling while man gives speech
man and woman holding hands up
man and woman dancing
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woman dancing with man
man and woman cutting cake
man and woman cutting cake
man and woman feeding each other cake
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