December 2, 2022

Bill and Zach | Candlelit Wedding | The St Vrain

Bill and Zach tied the knot in a beautiful candlelit wedding ceremony at The St Vrain in Longmont, Colorado. The inspiration behind their wedding day was the coziness of winter, with warm colors, candles, and lots of flowers everywhere. The setting created a warm and inviting atmosphere that perfectly complemented the couple’s love of winter.

The day started with the couple getting ready together at The Terry House and then moving on to The St Vrain for the rest of the day. Before their ceremony, Bill and Zach had a private vow reading in the first look nook at the venue. It was an emotional moment for both of them. They shared their vows with tears and laughter intermingling as they expressed their love for each other.

After the vow reading, it was time for the ceremony. Bill and Zach’s guests were formed in concentric circles around them so they were completely surrounded by their guests. As each guest walked into the ceremony, ushers handed them an unlit candle to hold during the ceremony. Near the end of the ceremony, Bill’s mom lit her candle from a memorial candle, which was then passed around the entire room, each person lighting their own candle from it until the entire room was filled with candle light. Before their wedding day, I remember Bill and Zach telling me they wanted to be surrounded by their guests’ love and light during their ceremony.

It was one of the most beautiful moments I’ve photographed. The couple was so overwhelmed by all the love they even got a little emotional looking around the room at all their guests during this beautiful part of the ceremony.

One of my favorite things about Bill and Zach’s candlelit wedding was their focus on wanting every aspect of their day to reflect the warmth and happiness that they felt, and that was evident in every detail. From the candle-lighting ceremony to the cozy venue and decor in The St Vrain, Bill and Zach created such a warm and welcoming environment for their wedding.

As the night drew to a close, Bill, Zach, and their guests danced together under the twinkle of the lights. For their grand finale, Bill and Zach chose to have a private last dance and a sparkler exit.

For their private last dance, all the guests and vendors went outside to line up for the sparkler sendoff. While they waited outside, Bill and Zach had one final dance just the two of them before the end of their evening. When the song was over, they headed outside for a sparkler sendoff, walking through a huge tunnel of sparklers. It was a beautiful moment that reflected the joy and love that surrounded them throughout their wedding day.

Congratulations, Bill and Zach!

wedding details
wedding ceremony with a circle seating at the st vrain
LGBTQ wedding detail
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wedding party laughing
wedding party laughing
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men dancing
men dancing
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mother and son dancing
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men dancing
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wedding guests dancing
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wedding guests dancing
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