Denver Botanic Garden Engagement Session

We started Will and Anna’s engagement session by hanging out together in their cozy apartment. Anna made a beautiful tart crust from scratch so they could cook together, but earlier in the morning their sweet pup Winnie ate it.

Despite this unexpected turn of events, Will and Anna took it in stride, laughing about the mishap and making the best of their time together. They decided to whip up a quick replacement using some store-bought dough they had on hand. It wasn’t the same as Anna’s homemade crust, but it allowed them to still enjoy the experience of cooking together. Watching them in the kitchen, you could see the love and camaraderie they shared, working as a team and making the most of every moment. Winnie, their mischievous pup, watched from the sidelines, undoubtedly hoping for another opportunity to sample their creations.

After the cooking adventure, we made our way to the botanic garden. The garden was in full bloom, with vibrant flowers and lush greenery creating a picturesque backdrop for their photos. Will and Anna took in all the beauty around them and made space to be with each other and just have fun together. They strolled hand in hand along the winding paths, pausing to admire the colorful blooms and occasionally stealing kisses when they thought no one was looking. Their genuine joy and affection for each other were evident in every frame I captured.

As we moved through the garden, they playfully explored different areas, sometimes posing for more traditional photos and other times just enjoying the moment and each other’s company. Later, we ventured into a beautiful green solarium, a serene space filled with exotic plants and soft, filtered sunlight. Will and Anna couldn’t resist dancing together in this enchanting setting. They danced with each other to a song I played from a small speaker, completely immersed in the moment. It was a perfect way to wrap up their session, their movements reflecting their harmony as a couple. The solarium’s tranquility provided a fitting end to such a memorable day, and the images captured there were some of my favorites.

Throughout the session, it was clear that Will and Anna have a special bond. They are a perfect match, balancing each other with their unique personalities and shared interests. The way they interacted, always supportive and loving, gave me a glimpse of the beautiful life they are building together.

Their engagement session was filled with laughter, love, and a few unexpected surprises, making it a truly unforgettable experience. I am incredibly honored to have been part of this special time in their lives and can’t wait to photograph their wedding in September.

Will & Anna