December 21, 2022

Christmas Tree Mini Sessions

The holiday season is my favorite time of year, so I was very excited for this year’s Christmas Tree Mini Sessions with real evergreen trees. Last year’s Winter Mini Sessions were actually outdoors, but because of the harsh weather we decided to have them in an indoor studio this year. I’m so glad we did!

For these Christmas Tree Mini Sessions, I of course wanted the entire studio to feel like Christmas, but without being too in-your-face Christmas. First of all, the smell of the 5 trees in the studio was incredible and added a lot to how festive the room felt. I incorporated a red rug in the center of the trees, and a bench for folks to sit on. We also used a big fluffy white blanket that looked a little like snow when we put it on the ground.

I also used multi-colored vintage Christmas lights for clients to decorate the trees and capture photographs for their holiday cards. We had a mix of couples with pets and new families come for Christmas Tree Mini Sessions.  We loved meeting all their pets, kids, and new babies. It was amazing to see past clients now with their new little ones. We all had an amazing time dancing to Christmas music, playing around with pets and kiddos, and photographing these beautiful moments. 

Thank you to all who joined us for this year’s Christmas Tree Mini Sessions. I had SO much fun and already can’t wait for next year. (Make sure to follow us on Instagram to stay updated on our upcoming Spring Mini Sessions and next year’s Christmas Tree Mini Sessions!)

I hope you have a healthy and happy New Year!

mother, father and children sitting together
mother, father and child putting lights on a tree
woman kissing dog
woman and man kissing baby
man hugging woman
cat standing on a chair
dog laying on fluffy white rug
man and woman smiling at child
man kissing woman on the cheeck
man and woman looking at each other
man smiling while woman holds a baby
man and woman dancing
woman holding girl and man holding boy
cats sitting on a chair
woman carrying child while smiling
man, woman and child smiling
man and woman holding child
baby sleeping
woman holding child
man and woman looking at child

women holding colorful flower bouquets


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