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Favorite Wedding Vendors

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Dotting the i

I am excited to feature one of my favorite wedding vendors on this blog post, Dotting the i. As wedding planners and calligraphers, they bring a level of organization and creativity to each event that is unparalleled. Their attention to detail and ability to bring the couple's vision to life is truly remarkable. From managing vendor schedules to creating stunning calligraphy for the big day, Dotting the i is a valuable asset to any wedding team. It's always a pleasure to work alongside them and see the final result of their hard work and dedication to their clients.

Tell me about you!

Dotting the i is made up of myself, Judi, and my business partner, Kyle. The calligraphy/hand lettering is all me while Kyle and I work together on all the planning work. I am from Colorado while Kyle is a transplant (clogging up the highways) from Massachusetts. We have a really fun friendship, bicker, and drive each other nuts, and we really love working together. He'd say the same thing....I think. 

Tell me about what the process of working with you is like. What's the experience you want couples working with you to have?

We really thrive in the coordination scene- we have found a sweet spot between day-of-coordination and full planning. We love to be involved with couples from the very beginning whether we are full-planning for them or not. We tag along for their important decisions, stop for happy hours to curate a friendship, and hopefully some inside jokes. This way, on the wedding day, we really have a foundation formed, can make decisions with their voices in our heads, and they feel like they have a team of friends with their best intentions in mind.

I like to say that  "wedding planner" is synonymous with  "sounding board". Sometimes couples just need to sit down and throw all their ideas out there to circle around to what they really want. I like to be that sounding board, whether that looks like an ongoing group text, a beer on a patio or a handful of video calls. In being part of the conversation I can help steer couples in the right direction with my now nine years of experience in this industry.

Where do you derive inspiration? What inspires you and your work?

I am inspired by intention. I want to know your quirks, your story, and what's important to you and your immediate VIPs (parents, siblings, bffs, etc.). I love to help create weddings that may not be the traditional run of the show, but that incorporate a couple's personality as much as possible. If a guest can walk through a wedding and say things like "Oh my gosh this is so 'them' ", I know I did my job well.

What do you love about your job?

I love the first meeting with a couple- asking them questions about their story. I love to get two answers, and watch the reaction of the partner listening. Sometimes I get to be the first person to ask them about their wedding adjectives, their vision, their ideas, it is such a fun thing to watch unfold. I don't know that I could ever choose a favorite- but this past season we had a couple hire us for full-planning and design for their wedding at Boulder Flower Farm. They each had very different ideas of what they wanted to day to look like, feel like and cost. While at times it was tough to sift through their thoughts- pulling what was most important to each of them and creating a cohesive and beautiful wedding was really amazing. Seeing them look at everything on their wedding day and be so happy and wow'd was incredibly fulfilling.  I consider them friends now and love the crap out of them.

Reach out to Dotting the i on their website.