July 20, 2023

When to Take Engagement Photos

As a wedding photographer based in Colorado, couples often ask me when to take engagement photo. I am fortunate to witness the captivating beauty of this remarkable state photographing weddings in the beautiful landscape throughout the year. Colorado’s diverse landscapes and distinct seasons provide an extraordinary backdrop for engagement sessions, allowing couples to capture their love positioned right in the beautiful Colorado landscape.

When couples ask when the best time is to schedule their engagement session, my main tip is to think strategically about what season your wedding is in. Do you want your engagement session to be in a different season than what you’ll have for your wedding? For many couples, that answer is yes, so I’m often scheduling engagement sessions in a different season than when the couple’s wedding will be. Now let’s discuss each season in Colorado, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of scheduling your engagement session in each one.


Spring in Colorado bursts forth with vibrant colors and renewed energy. I love spring in Colorado when wildflowers pop up everywhere and everything starts to be green again. Depending on the elevation of a location in the mountains, it’s important to note that spring might take higher elevations a little longer to reach. The advantages of scheduling your engagement session in this season include:


Blooming Wildflowers: Colorado’s meadows and mountains come alive with an array of wildflowers during springtime. These colorful blossoms create a picturesque setting, adding a touch of whimsy and romance to your engagement photos.

Mild Weather: Spring offers comfortable temperatures, allowing you to explore outdoor locations without excessive heat or cold.

Water Features: The melting snow from the mountains during springtime leads to gushing waterfalls and rushing streams, providing unique opportunities for stunning and dynamic photographs.


Unpredictable Weather: While Colorado enjoys relatively mild spring weather, it is not uncommon for sudden rain showers or snowstorms to occur. Flexibility and preparedness are essential to adapt to changing conditions.

Crowded Locations: Spring is a popular time for outdoor activities in Colorado, attracting tourists and locals alike. It is important to plan accordingly and choose less crowded locations for your engagement session.


Summer in Colorado offers endless sunshine, breathtaking vistas, and a host of outdoor activities. Summer tends to be when you can plan to go most places in Colorado without having to worry about snow at much higher elevations. (Summer is my personal favorite season in Colorado. I love to drive up to high elevations before sunrise and find a nice place to watch the sunrise.) Here are the advantages and disadvantages of scheduling your engagement session during this lively season:


Abundant Sunshine: Colorado summers are known for their long days of sunshine, providing ample time to capture your love under golden rays. The abundant natural light enhances the warmth and vibrancy of your photographs.

Lush Greenery: Summer showcases the state’s stunning landscapes in full bloom. From mountain meadows to verdant forests, you’ll have a multitude of lush backdrops to choose from.

Outdoor Adventures: Summer in Colorado offers opportunities for adventurous engagement sessions, such as hiking to breathtaking mountain summits or exploring hidden alpine lakes.


Crowded Locations: Summertime draws crowds of tourists and locals to popular destinations. Popular engagement spots may be bustling, requiring careful planning to find quieter locations.

Afternoon Storms: Colorado’s summer afternoons often bring thunderstorms, which can briefly interrupt your session. Scheduling morning or early evening sessions can minimize the risk of inclement weather.

couple walking through golden aspens in colorado


Fall in Colorado is a feast for the senses, as the landscapes transform into a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues. It’s also many, many couples’ favorite season in Colorado because of our famed golden aspen trees which color the landscape a bright yellow shade. Though it’s very challenging to time this perfectly and depends on the elevation, the aspen trees tend to be peak gold around the last weekend in September and the first part of October. Consider the following advantages and disadvantages of scheduling your engagement session during this picturesque season:


Breathtaking Foliage: Colorado’s aspen groves are renowned for their golden leaves, creating a breathtaking backdrop for your engagement photos. The vibrant colors and crisp air lend an enchanting ambiance to your session.

Fewer Crowds: After the summer tourist season, Colorado’s popular locations tend to be less crowded, allowing for a more intimate and tranquil engagement session.

Dramatic Mountain Scenery: In autumn, the contrast between the colorful foliage and snow-capped peaks provides an awe-inspiring setting for your photographs.


  • Shorter Days: As autumn progresses, the days become shorter, limiting the amount of available daylight for your session. Planning for golden hour or exploring nighttime photography techniques can help maximize the enchanting autumnal atmosphere.
  • Variable Weather: Colorado’s weather in fall can be unpredictable. It is essential to be prepared for sudden temperature changes and occasional snowfall in higher elevations.
groom and bride in the colorado snow


Colorado’s winter wonderland offers a unique opportunity to capture your love amidst the serene beauty of snow-covered landscapes. Though I like winter in Colorado, it’s important to note that I take portrait and couples sessions very rarely in the winter in Colorado. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of scheduling your engagement session during this magical season:


Snowy Landscapes: Colorado’s mountains and valleys transform into a pristine winter wonderland, creating a dreamy backdrop for your engagement session. The glistening snow adds a touch of romance and ethereal beauty to your photographs.

Cozy Atmosphere: Winter engagements evoke a sense of intimacy and warmth. Embrace the opportunity to snuggle up with your loved one, capturing candid moments filled with love and tenderness.

Fewer Crowds: Winter is considered the off-season for outdoor activities in Colorado, meaning popular engagement locations are often less crowded, allowing for more privacy and creative freedom.


  • Cold Temperatures: Winter in Colorado can be bitterly cold, especially in higher elevations. Dressing appropriately and scheduling shorter sessions can help minimize discomfort.
  • Limited Daylight: With shorter days, it is crucial to plan your engagement session during the limited daylight hours. The soft, diffused light during winter can create a captivating and intimate atmosphere.

Colorado’s breathtaking landscapes and diverse seasons provide a captivating backdrop for your engagement session. Whether it’s the blooming wildflowers of spring, the warm radiance of summer, the vibrant colors of autumn, or the serene snowscapes of winter, each season offers unique advantages and charms. Discuss your preferences and vision with your wedding photographer to ensure your engagement session perfectly captures your love amidst Colorado’s enchanting beauty.


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