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Favorite Wedding Vendors

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Paper & Dust

I initially met Hailey when we collaborated for a styled wedding editorial for Rocky Mountain Bride magazine. Her designs complemented the style of the day so well. Not only is her work beautiful and eclectic, but she also provides such a personal relationship when she works with couples to perfectly tie together the overall aesthetic of their wedding day. Since working together a couple of my clients have hired her for their wedding stationery and signage and it's been so great to hear how much they love working together. The team at Paper and Dust are masters at capturing the essence of the couples they work with and translating that into their design work.

Tell me about you!

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Hey! My name is Hailey and I was originally born and raised in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin. I went to college for graphic design and moved to Parker, Colorado in January 2020 and shortly started up Paper and Dust right after moving here. I have 1 dog named Duff and 2 cats named Parker and MJ (both ginger cats). My interests include coffee, skiing, paddle boarding, and consistently trying new places.

Tell me about your work and what sets it apart from your competitors.

I would naturally explain my style as feminine and playful/whimsical. I'd say what sets me apart the most is that I am not as formal, and I am not afraid of color and boldness. I have identified my company as eclectic meaning I am very broad and find inspiration everywhere. I can design a black and white modern minimalist wedding all the way to a bold neon playful wedding!

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Tell me about what the process of working with you is like. What's the experience you want couples working with you to have?

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I want my clients to feel confident and involved in the process. I want them to get to know me and me know them. I ask questions about them and what they love doing for fun. I want to learn their personalities and derive inspiration from that and make it match their wedding. I set up phone calls and zoom meetings with them to talk about all the details, and send them proofs until they are in love with what I have created for them.

What do you love about your job?

I love that every wedding is different and has a different and unique love story to tell. I love meeting my clients and learning about them. Our clients have plenty of options for vendors they can pick from, so I am always honored to be a part of their special day and help communicate their love story.

Where do you derive inspiration? What inspires you and your work?

I find inspiration from everywhere, but I mostly pull my inspiration from what our clients communicate their ideas to us. Some things I use to help pull inspiration from are their venue/architecture and nature.

What has been one of your favorite projects you've worked on?

I have so many favorite weddings that I can't pick just one. I definitely lean towards our weddings that pick more playful fonts and are more whimsical or bold on their font and signage choices. I love when my clients give me more freedom and trust me to create their vision!