July 27, 2023

Sarah & Riley’s Beach Couples Photoshoot

Since Kindergarten, my wife Jenny has been best friends with Sarah. We are lucky to have Sarah in our lives—she was Jenny’s maid of honor, has been an amazing aunt to our daughter, and is a great friend.

When Sarah started dating Riley, she seemed like a happier version of herself. Jenny has loved seeing her best friend so happy as she’s started to create a beautiful life with Riley. Witnessing their happiness and the way they bring out the best in each other fills my heart with so much happiness.

A Beach Couples Photoshoot on a Drive to Laguna Beach

Normally, my work takes me to the breathtaking mountains of Colorado. However, this session presented an exciting opportunity for me to explore a beach near Malibu. Sarah, Riley, Jenny, and I were driving to our friends’ Zach and Hannah’s wedding in Laguna Beach from Sarah and Zach’s home in LA. We pulled over on the side of the road and took a few photos by the beach of Sarah and Riley together. It was so much fun to explore a different type of scenery than the typical landscape I find myself photographing in. On top of the beautiful landscape, it was just so much fun to photograph Sarah and Riley together.

The stop at the beach along the highway in Malibu turned out to be the perfect backdrop to capture a few images of Sarah and Riley together. Throughout the session, we explored the beach, they goofed around with each other along the shoreline, and took in the salty air from the Pacific Ocean. The sound of the waves and the ocean breeze added such a touch of magic to the day.