Frances & Peterson

Wedding Anniversary Photos in the Snow

I was so honored to capture a little bit of Frances and Peterson’s love when I captured some wedding anniversary photos for them this winter. This couple, originally hailing from the incredibly sunny state of Florida, which is where they hosted their wedding a year ago. They wanted something completely different for their 1 year anniversary session… Snow!

Snowy Wedding Anniversary Photos in Colorado

After getting married in such a warm, humid climate, Frances and Peterson wanted a winter wonderland as the setting for their anniversary session. They decided that for their anniversary they were going to have a Colorado winter session. We headed up to the mountains in the freezing cold weather for their dream snowy anniversary session.

It was COLD and WINDY during their session! Despite the chill, we all managed to have a fantastic time exploring the mountains together. The stunning mountaintop backdrop and falling snow made for a picturesque setting, adding even more magic to the beautiful day.

I loved that Frances and Peterson both wore white in the snow. Frances wore a stunning white wedding dress and Peterson wore his white wedding suit. They looked absolutely breathtaking against the snowy backdrop during their snowy anniversary session. I just love all the photos of them smiling and laughing while the snow is falling.

Reveal Celebration after their Wedding Anniversary Photos

After editing I was so excited to show them the final images. I knew they were eagerly anticipating seeing their winter wonderland vision come to life. During our reveal celebrations, I scrolled through the images and Frances and Peterson were able to relive their special day. They were overjoyed with the final product and I was so happy to have been able to capture their love in such a unique way.

Looking back on their first year of marriage, Frances and Peterson have many beautiful memories to cherish. From their stunning wedding ceremony in Florida to their snowy session in the mountains, their journey was filled with love and adventure.

Happy Anniversary and here’s to many more years of happiness and joy!