Favorite Wedding Vendors

Yarrow & Spruce

I always love working with Yarrow & Spruce. I initially met Owner Sheilan Mueller through working a wedding together very early in both of our careers and have loved collaborating with this amazing floral designer and friend many times since. The creativity and passion that Yarrow & Spruce brings to every event they work on is truly inspiring. Whether it’s an extravagant wedding or an intimate gathering, Sheilan and her team are always able to create stunning floral arrangements that perfectly complement the atmosphere of the occasion. Through our many collaborations, I have developed a good friendship with the team at Yarrow & Spruce and I always look forward to our next project together.

Tell me about you!

Hi there! My name is Sheilan, and I am the owner and lead designer at Yarrow & Spruce Floral Company. Like many floral designers, my path to flowers was not conventional. I am a Jill of many trades. I graduated from college with a degree in International Studies, and spent many years studying Mandarin Chinese. I spent most of my 20s traveling around the world, and I funded my travels by either teaching English in China or serving tables at restaurants around Denver. But no matter where I was, I always wanted fresh flowers on my table.

n 2017, I took a leap of faith and left a well-paying job to pursue flowers. Needless to say, I loved it. Like, really loved it. However, after two years of working in retail flowers at a boutique florist, I realized that financially I couldn’t afford it. It broke my heart to leave flowers full-time, but it was the best decision for me and my family. I became an Operations Manager for a custom fabrication company, and managed a team of about 20 woodworkers and welders. While it did offer some creative outlets, I missed the beauty of flowers. I decided to take another leap of faith, and was determined to make my passion for flowers a sustainable career.

In May of 2021, I created Yarrow & Spruce. I believe my travel experiences have brought creative perspectives to my designs, while my management and operations experiences help me run a successful small business. And I think my restaurant experience helped me learn how to work hard and hustle — invaluable traits for floral designers.

Tell me about your work and what sets it apart from your competitors.

I am a firm believer that great floral design impacts you in unexpected and magical ways, and that no two gatherings are the same. My designs are inspired by the seasons. I am proud to source my flowers from local farms whenever possible. Not only are locally sourced blooms some of the most outstanding flowers I have ever seen, but by working with local flower farms and designing with products that have not been imported from other states and countries, Yarrow & Spruce also reduces its carbon footprint.

In addition to working with local providers, I am constantly striving to find ways to be a better steward to the environment. In 2023, I hope to fully transition away from single-use floral foam, as well as invest in composting services for Yarrow & Spruce’s green waste.

Tell me about what the process of working with you is like. What’s the experience you want couples working with you to have?

When couples reach out to Yarrow & Spruce, I like to begin the conversation by asking about their floral wishlist. What would your dream wedding look like? What details are most important to you? What do you want your guests to remember from your day? I like to start big, and refine your ideas to work best with your vision and budget. While sharing your Pinterest board is a great place to begin to organize your inspiration, I like to take those ideas as a launching point to create something new for you. Floral design is an art, and you deserve something uniquely beautiful for your wedding day. From there, I draft up a visual design proposal for you and your partner to review. It will include all kinds of details, like color palette, flower selection, textures, and style. And of course, I will always try to steer your design towards the best seasonal flowers. If you love the look of the direction I would like to take with your design, we seal the deal and get you on the Yarrow & Spruce calendar. As your big day gets closer, we can continue to refine and evolve your design. I want this process to be fun, beautiful, and creative, because flowers should never be stressful.

What do you love about your job?

So while the path to Yarrow & Spruce was kind of wild, I wouldn’t change a thing because it brought me to today. To put it simply: I love what I do, and I love flowers. Even in the midst of the crazy wedding season, a single, stunning flower can stop me in my tracks. No matter how much I think I “know” flowers, this continues to be true. Flowers are surprising, and can evoke unexpected emotions with their beauty, and I get to share that with others. It is pretty freaking cool.

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