May 12, 2020

Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado Engagement Session

Melissa and Jacob Under the Milky Way

When Melissa and Jacob suggested going to Great Sand Dunes National Park for their engagement session, I immediately knew they were up for an adventure. We hiked through the park, stopping to take in the beauty of the landscape and enjoy the quiet, Melissa and Jacob laughed and smiled and enjoyed every step of the way. We were totally covered in sand by the time the sun went down, but when we saw the Milky Way stretching clear across the sky, nothing mattered anymore, only the magic of all those stars and two people full of love for each other.

colorado engagement session couple hiking great sand dunes
couple and their gear preparing to hike great sand dune national park colorado engagement session
great sand dunes colorado engagement photography couple holding each other
colorado engagement couple hugging black and white
colorado engagement photography golden hour
couple laughing face to face at golden hour during their colorado engagement session
couple holding hands while walking in great sand dune national park colorado engagement photography
couple running in great sand dune national park colorado engagement
couple kissing under the milky way colorado engagement


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