August 7, 2023

Rockie and Edgar’s Mountain Engagement Photos

Rockie and Edgar live in Chicago, but they’re having their wedding in Colorado. They also wanted to take their mountain engagement photos in Colorado, too, so we scheduled their engagement session when we knew they’d be in Colorado taking care of some things for their wedding.

When we initially met, both Rockie and Edgar mentioned how much they love to adventure together. Actually, it’s Rockie that inspires Edgar’s adventurous spirit. When we had our initial call, Edgar mentioned that Rockie gets him to be more adventurous, otherwise he’d be fine staying in all the time. I just can’t wait for their wedding in September! (At one of my favorite venues, The St Vrain!)

As the couple shared their love for capturing their adventures together, I knew we had to find a beautiful location for their mountain engagement photos. I couldn’t wait to take them to one of my favorite spots, where nature’s beauty sets the stage for an exceptionally unique experience.

Mountain Engagement Photos

The session began in a sprawling field, where the sun painted the landscape in hues of gold. We had so much fun together! It had rained just before their session started, so the rocks and sand were a little more rich in color than usual, which I loved. The white rock at this location is just so beautiful.

Looking Ahead to their Wedding

As they embark on their journey to become husband and wife, they will be tying the knot at the luxurious St. Vrain this September. The wedding is set to be a heartwarming celebration with around 150 of their closest family and friends in attendance. I get to work alongside one of my favorite planners, the team at Dotting the i. Can’t wait for this wedding.

Congratulations to Rockie and Edgar, and I cannot wait to capture your special day! Stay tuned as we prepare to capture their beautiful wedding day in September. 

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Man and woman kissing during their mountain engagement

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