September 9, 2022

Brittany and Ross | Trey’s Vista | Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding

Ross and Brittany met in 2013 when his sister introduced them and they’ve been together ever since! By the time they had their wedding at Spruce Mountain Ranch, they had been together almost 10 years (including two spans of time dating long distance). You can really tell! Brittany and Ross are very close with their big families and have become a part of each others’ families, too. They’re also very close with their younger nieces and nephews, which definitely shows in their photographs!

Brittany got ready with the help of her mom and mother-in-law, but they were both still amazed when seeing her all ready for the wedding, along with her bridesmaids, grandparents and flower girls. We then had their first look outdoors where we could see the mountains in the background.  It was a beautiful moment, and they were so excited to see each other.

Their wedding ceremony at Spruce Mountain Ranch was gorgeous. They held their wedding and reception at the Upper Ranch, which included their ceremony with a beautiful mountain view at Trey’s Vista (we were even greeted by a few cows during their ceremony!), followed by their reception and celebration at the Ponderosa Room located right next to Trey’s Vista.

Brittany and Ross were excited to have two burros to greet their guests before their wedding ceremony. Dominic and Verona (who both looked very handsome in their best wedding attire!) stood at the entrance of Trey’s Vista and greeted and posed for photographs with Brittany and Ross’s guests. Then, during cocktail hour, they carried saddles which held a few cans of beer in them. Guests loved taking photographs with the burros!

I loved all of Brittany and Ross’s wedding day, but I especially loved photographing their reception. I could really tell that this family shares a lot of love, and that was on full display during Brittany and Ross’s reception. Their dance floor was packed the whole night, their guests had so much fun, and everyone was just so supportive of the couple. It was lovely!

A few days before Brittany and Ross’s wedding day I got to talk to Brittany’s mom on the phone.  She started to get emotional as she told me how incredibly proud she is of her daughter to marry someone who takes such good care of her heart and whose family treats her as one of their own.  After photographing their wedding, I realized that couldn’t be more true. These two goofballs love each other and each others’ families so much. The night ended with a private final dance on the dance floor just Brittany and Ross, then they both went outside the venue, where all the guests lined up and were ready to blow bubbles while walked through as a farewell. 

Congratulations, Brittany and Ross!

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bride and groom kissing under the veil
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woman dancing with man
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