Carlos & Brianna’s

Intimate At-Home Proposal

Carlos and Brianna actually hired me for their wedding before they were even engaged, which means I get to photograph their proposal, engagement, and wedding.

Carlos went back and forth for a while about where and how he wanted to propose to Brianna. He designed a stunning ring for Brianna and wanted to make sure the proposal was perfect. After debating for a little bit, he ended up deciding to propose at home, and it was just pefect.

In an intimate setting for their at home proposal, Carlos orchestrated a proposal that unfolded like a romantic fairy tale. Their living room, transformed into a haven of romance, was adorned with the soft glow of fairy lights and a delicate carpet of flower petals. The ambiance was nothing short of magical, setting the perfect stage for a moment that would be etched in Brianna’s heart forever.

The crowning moment featured a beautiful ring, a symbol of their commitment to a lifetime together, nestled within a fabergé egg ring box, adding a touch of elegance to the surprise.

What made this proposal even more heartwarming was the presence of their beloved Dachshund Daisy, a furry witness to the unfolding love story. As Carlos poured his heart out, the joyous energy of their four-legged friend added an extra layer of warmth to the atmosphere.

I invite you to relive the ambiance of Carlos’s carefully curated proposal—a story of love, creativity, and the joy of beginning a new chapter together.

Congratulations on the engagement, Carlos and Brianna!