Rolly & Veronica

A Small Wedding at Home

Nestled in the heart of Westminster, Colorado, love blossomed under the summer sun as Rolly and Veronica hosted their small wedding at home, a place that has everything and represents them most simply.

The Floral-Inspired Home Wedding

This intimate gathering was a vibrant celebration of traditions, family, and the radiant spirit of summertime, where flowers adorned every aspect of their special day. In fact, their favorite feature of the day was the breathtaking floral arrangements provided by Arianna Floral Design, and they did not disappoint! R & V’s cozy living room was transformed into a lush haven, with greenery and florals cascading from the ceiling to the floor. The bouquet and boutonniere were bursting with color and unique flowers that perfectly complemented their attire.

Veronica got ready with her mother upstairs, while downstairs, Rolly suited up and shared precious moments with his children before the big moment. Shortly after, the flower girls began to light Veronica’s path with bright orange and yellow petals, and the room filled with anticipation. The groom and kids wore various shades of blue and green, perfectly complementing the eye-popping florals.

For Rolly and Veronica, the most anticipated moment of their day was that first glimpse of each other at the beginning of their ceremony. Once at the altar, their children’s warmth, love, and tearful smiles sealed the deal. The ceremony was deeply rooted in Veronica’s culture, including a traditional blanket ceremony. With heartfelt vows, they exchanged rings and pronounced their eternal love with a resounding “I Do.” Shortly after, all of their kids showered them with love in the backyard, beginning their new journey as a family.

A Reception Like No Other

At their afternoon reception, Veronica and her Danza Azteca group delivered a vibrant routine and held a ceremony on their neighborhood street with drums, varying performances, and traditional dances. By the end, everyone in the family was dancing with them—the vibes were contagious!

Afterwards, the reception featured a taco truck and a non-alcoholic bar with signature drinks and fan favorites. The couple was particularly excited about the Shutterbus, a vintage VW bus turned photo booth that added a dash of nostalgia and fun to the celebration. Everyone enjoyed the dessert truck filled with cupcakes, ice cream, and cookies.

Rolly and Veronica’s summer wedding at home was a testament to the idea that the most beautiful weddings are the ones filled with genuine emotion, personal touches, and the company of loved ones.

Congratulations, Rolly and Veronica!