Liz & Ted’s

Engagement Photo Shoot in Denver & Boulder

Engagement Photo Shoot in Denver

When I first met Liz and Ted, they told me about their sweet dog named Frankie, their love for brewing their own beer, and how they enjoyed hiking together. I knew right away even from our first call (a year and a half before their wedding!) that I would love working with Liz and Ted.

On the day of Liz and Ted’s brewery engagement session, we started off at one of their favorite breweris in Edgewater, the neighborhood where they live. It was the perfect place to start the session, capturing the love and joy they shared over their passion for brewing their own beer. We captured a couple of photographs while they enjoyed their favorite beers and relaxed before our adventure. It was evident that these two shared a deep connection and it was an honor to capture their natural love for each other.

Off to the Mountains 

After leaving the brewery, we went to the mountains. The weather was perfect, and the lighting couldn’t have been better. At the base of the mountain, we stopped and captured a few moments with the mountains as the backdrop. The Flatirons are always beautiful to photograph! After we left the Flatirons, we went to a mountain overlook with a beautiful view of the Continental Divide at sunset. With a clear sky overhead, the mountains, trees, and even remnants of winter snow formed a picturesque panorama.

Throughout the entire engagement photo shoot, Liz and Ted radiated genuine joy, making my job even more fun. It was a pleasure to document the transformation of their engagement photo shoot. From a laid-back brewery experience to an adventurous mountain escapade. I am profoundly grateful to have been a part of their special day and to have preserved memories that will be cherished for years to come.