August 21, 2022

Najda and Steven | Mountain Engagement Photos in the Rocky Mountains

Najda and Steven wanted mountain engagement photos, and we started their sessions right off the road next to the Rocky Mountains. We captured a couple of amazing portraits of them right by the lake, with their cute and sassy English bulldog, Olive. (As you can see, she’s a natural born model.)

Najda and Steven love to travel the world, having visited countless countries together. They wanted their mountain engagement photos to fit their sense of adventure and traveler personality.

After an outfit change, we continued the session in the mountains where the rainy, cloudy day gave us these mystical photographs.  Najda changed into a beautiful floral dress she actually found at a vintage shop. We ended the engagement session taking some more photographs with Olive, Najda, and Steven cuddling under a blanket. 

man and woman holding hands
man kissing woman's cheek
man and woman laughing
dog licking its nose while standing in a lake
man and woman laughing
man holding woman
man and woman holding each other
man and woman smiling at each other
man holding woman's arm
man smiling at woman laughing
man and woman standing on a mountain
man and woman kissing
man kissing woman's neck while she smiles
woman and man kneeling smiling at their dog
man and woman walking down a mountain
man and woman smiling at each other
dog looking at the camera