August 31, 2023

Analyzing Various Wedding Photography Editing Styles

Wedding photography is an art form that beautifully captures the essence, emotions, and memories of one of the most significant days in a couple’s life. Within the realm of wedding photography, various styles emerge, each with its distinct aesthetic and storytelling approach. Though there are many different wedding photography editing styles, I want to discuss three main styles: Light & Airy, Bold & Natural, and Dark & Moody. While each style has its unique appeal, we will focus on the characteristics of the Bold & Natural style, which I think resonates with a more vibrant and authentic representation of the wedding day.

wedding photography editing styles example of a wedding photograph of a woman, man, and their dog

Wedding Photography Editing Styles:

Light & Airy Wedding Photography Editing Styles

The Light & Airy style is characterized by soft, ethereal tones, delicate pastels, and a dreamy, romantic atmosphere. This style emphasizes bright and natural lighting, resulting in images that exude a lightness and whimsical feel. The photographer often utilizes gentle posing and composition to enhance the airy aesthetic. Light & Airy photography evokes a sense of grace, elegance, and a touch of enchantment, creating a fairy tale-like quality.

Bold & Natural

The Bold & Natural style resonates with a vibrant, authentic, and true-to-life representation of the wedding day. It celebrates genuine emotions, candid moments, and the raw beauty of the couple and their surroundings. This style embraces bold colors, rich contrasts, and natural lighting to capture the essence and energy of the day. Bold & Natural photography highlights the couple’s personalities, the interactions between loved ones, and the spontaneous moments that unfold throughout the celebration.

Dark & Moody

The Dark & Moody style takes a departure from the lightness of the previous style and embraces deeper, richer tones and shadows. This style often employs dramatic lighting techniques, such as backlighting or strategic use of shadows, to create a mysterious and atmospheric ambiance. Dark & Moody photography evokes a sense of intimacy, depth, and a touch of romanticism. It is particularly suited for couples who desire a more edgy and artistic representation of their wedding day.

wedding photography editing styles on Polly and Christian's wedding

Characteristics of Bold & Natural Photography

While Dark & Moody and Light & Airy wedding photography editing styles are both beautiful styles of photography, my editing style is very Bold & Natural. Here are the reasons why I want to preserve all the natural color of the scene when I am editing my images.

Vibrant Colors and Contrast. Bold & Natural photography showcases vibrant and rich colors that pop, creating visually striking images. The contrast between light and dark elements adds depth and visual interest, emphasizing the beauty and details of the scene.

Authentic Emotions and Candid Moments. This style seeks to capture authentic emotions, genuine connections, and candid moments. The photographer’s focus is on preserving the true essence of the couple and their loved ones, capturing the laughter, tears, and tender interactions that unfold naturally.

Documentary Approach. A key aspect of the Bold & Natural style is its documentary approach. The photographer discreetly observes and captures the wedding day as it unfolds, without excessive posing or intervention. This results in a collection of images that authentically tell the story of the day, reflecting the genuine emotions and atmosphere of the celebration.

Natural Lighting and Organic Compositions. Bold & Natural photography utilizes natural lighting to its advantage, whether it’s the soft glow of golden hour or the dramatic play of light and shadow. The compositions are often organic and unforced, capturing the couple in their surroundings while incorporating interesting elements and textures.

A Focus on Authenticity. The Bold & Natural style embraces the uniqueness of each couple and their wedding day. The images reflect the couple’s true personalities, emphasizing their natural beauty and the individuality of their celebration. This style is ideal for couples who desire photographs that evoke a sense of vibrancy, energy, and realness.

man and woman holding hands on a field

In the world of wedding photography, various styles emerge, each offering its own artistic interpretation of the couple’s special day. While the Light & Airy and Dark & Moody styles have their allure, the Bold and Natural style stands out for its vibrant colors, authentic emotions, and focus on capturing the raw beauty of the wedding day. If you resonate with a style that embraces vibrant authenticity and showcases the genuine moments of your celebration, Bold & Natural might be the perfect fit for you. You can check out more of my photographs with a Bold & Natural style here in my portfolio.


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