Alice & Jeremiah

Monet Pond | Denver Botanic Gardens Wedding

Alice and Jeremiah’s wedding at the Monet Pond in the Denver Botanic Gardens was one of my favorites of the summer. They had perfect Colorado weather and the garden was in peak bloom for their day. It was an intimate, summery, classic-themed wedding, with elegant and decor which complemented the natural beauty at the Denver Botanic Gardens. 

The couple chose the Denver Botanic Gardens because it’s a place that’s really close to their heart. They spend a lot of time walking through the gardens after work and on the weekends to relax. It’s also one of the first places in Denver they got to know really well after moving to Colorado. Before their wedding, Alice and Jeremiah told me they were excited to get married beside the Monet Pond and for their guests to enjoy the Gardens.

This day was filled with so many delightful moments. One of my favorites was the first look the bride had with her mom and Jeremiah’s mom. Right before Alice walked out for her first look with the moms, Alice’s mom turned to Jeremiah’s mom and gave her a big hug, saying “I just can’t wait to see my daughter!” So cute.

Alice and Jeremiah served a delicious vegan 7-course dinner for their guests, prepared by Catering for Design (Denver Botanic Gardens’ preferred caterer). Some of the most exciting items on their menu were watermelon mint sorbet, black truffle risotto, and fried egg rolls (yeah, it was all just as amazing as it sounds).

Capturing Alice and Jeremiah’s wedding was such an honor. In one of our earliest conversations, I remember them both telling me they wanted to be able to hire a photographer who felt like a friend at their wedding. I’m so thankful for you both and hope you had the very best wedding day.

Congratulations, Alice and Jeremiah!

Alice & Jeremiah