Rolly & Veronica

Sunset Engagement Photos

Rolly and Veronica’s engagement session just happened to be scheduled on Rolly’s 50th birthday, so they decided to rent a beautiful avocado green Mustang Convertible for their engagement session. The car was the perfect prop for their session, infusing the session with an extra dose of adventure and spontaneity. It added a touch of excitement to the photographs, making their session a blast!

Since we met Rolly and Veronica earlier this year, my wife Jenny and I talk about how much we love the two of them. They both have such an infectious energy that people just love to be around. Working with these two has been a dream!

Sunset Engagement Photos

We couldn’t have found a more idyllic setting for their sunset engagement photos than the Colorado mountains. It’s been an incredibly rainy season in Colorado, but this day was clear with sunny skies painting a perfect canvas.

After the sun went down behind the mountains, we ventured to a stunning overlook on top of a mountain where we could catch the last few minutes of sunlight during golden hour. The sun began its slow descent behind the Continental Divide, casting a warm, golden glow over everything it touched. Against this ethereal backdrop, Rolly and Veronica’s love for each other shone brighter than ever.