Carlos & Brianna’s

Golden Hour Engagement Photos

For their engagement session, Carlos and Brianna’s love story unfolded against the stunning canvas of the Rocky Mountains during golden hour. Bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun, the couple’s engagement session radiated with romance and connection. We started the session with a great plan—with several awesome outfit changes, changing views and locations, and matching sweaters for their sweet dachshund, Daisy.

Golden Hour Engagement

Shooting in the evening is ideal for engagement sessions. You can get the perfect sun for those brighter shots and then enjoy the golden and blue hours for their flattering light. On this October day, golden hour lent a magical quality to every frame, illuminating the landscape with hues of amber and casting a soft, dreamlike ambiance over the couple. At the beginning of our golden hour session, the mountains ignited the bright rays of warm light, highlighting the peaks and creating beautiful shadows behind them. We started in the hills and organically ended up at a nearby lake, dancing and enjoying each other’s company along the way.

Adding an extra layer of charm to their love story was a near-full moon, casting its gentle light upon the scene. The celestial touch elevated the atmosphere, creating a uniquely enchanting backdrop for the couple’s journey. Although they had clear transitions in their attire, they all connected through a theme of warm and cool tones, and it worked perfectly with their surroundings—the blue sky and lake, the yellow foliage, and the rusty red ground of the layered hills. These color choices also matched the lighting of each part of the day, with Brianna’s yellow dress popping at the beginning, her red dress mirroring the crimson mountains as the sun set, and her teal gown during the blue light of the evening. They coordinated their outfits with the location so well.

Wandering Through The Hills

I invite you to witness the beauty and serenity of Carlos and Brianna’s engagement session—a harmonious blend of natural splendor, deep connection, and the captivating energy of a bright, moonlit evening in the Rockies. As you immerse yourself in their story, you’ll discover moments of quiet intimacy against the mountainous backdrop, stolen glances that speak volumes, and a shared warmth that transcends the frame.

Congratulations, Carlos and Brianna! I know your wedding will be one for the books.