thao-dan & Dennis

Summer Engagement Photos

Summer Engagement Photos in the Mountains

Fresh with that “just engaged glow,” Thao-Dan and Dennis began their journey with a July engagement session set against the breathtaking backdrop of a mountain lake. The couple radiated joy and laughter as the warm summer sun cast a golden glow over the landscape. Nestled by the serene lake, the engagement session captured the simplicity and beauty of their connection.

I took them to the perfect spot for an organic and free-spirited engagement shoot. There are beautiful views everywhere! We went on an adventure through a small meadow in the mountains to a beautiful lake, a very Colorado thing to do. We started calmly on a concrete path and ended up on a rock in the middle of a lake – they really went for it, and I love them for that. The whole evening was light, fun, and full of laughter.

Moments To Treasure

The tranquility of the late summer evening mirrored the serenity of their love. Against the mountainous panorama, Thao-Dan and Dennis celebrated the quiet moments that make relationships special. These images are more than photographs; they serve as windows into a definitive chapter of their love story. That’s why I put so much time into prints of my photos; I want you to be able to hold, touch, and treasure those memories forever.

Join me in reliving the magic of this sunset engagement session with two gentle souls with a genuine connection that I am honored to have captured. (I have to tell you—hearing my couples’ laughter echo in the mountains is one of my favorite things in the entire world). It’s a celebration of love, nature, and the simple yet profound moments that make engagements truly special.

Congratulations, Thao-Dan and Dennis!